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391 – Tutorial Crochet Lovely Pattern – very easy and nice

391 – Tutorial Crochet Lovely Pattern – very easy and nice

You can see Step by step instructions and a video tutorial on how to crochet a very nice lace pattern.
This pattern You can use for a scarf, vest, blouse, and many other things. Easy to make.

You will need:

You can use any yarn and hook you have or love.

st – stitch
sts – stitches
sl.st. – slip stitch
CH – chain stitch
SC – single crochet stitch
DC – double crochet stitch (yarn over the hook once)
Shell – DC 5 in one stitch


To begin, chain 23 or any multiple of 5 + 3

Row 1: skip one chain, single crochet stitch (SC) in the next chain; SC in every chain across.

Row 2: CH 3 and turn, skip 2 sts, Shell (DC 5 in one stitch)
*skip 4 sts, Shell *repeat this process except for the last 3 sts; skip 2 sts, DC into the last stitch.

Row 3: slip stitch (sl.st.) in every stitch across except

Row 4: CH one and turn; SC one in every stitch across

Row 5: sl.st. in every stitch across

Repeat Rows 2 – 5

Rows 2 – 5 = Pattern

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