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304 – Crochet Scarf Tutorial

304 – Crochet Scarf Tutorial

You can see Step by step instructions and a video tutorial on how to crochet a pretty lace scarf which can be made in any size.
You will need to know a few basics of crochet for this project. 

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You will need:
You can use any yarn and hook you have or love.


st – stitch
CH – chain stitch
DC – double crochet stitch (yarn over the hook once)
DC2tog – double crochet stitch 2 together

To begin to make chains (Multiple of 2)
I’m going to make 32 chains (Multiple of 2)

Row 1: Skip chain 3 (CH) and make double crochet stitches (DC) in the next chain, repeat DC entire row.

Row 2: CH 3, DC in the next stitch, DC2tog around previously done DC stitch, skip st, *DC, DC2tog around previously done DC stitch, skip st * repeat entire row except last st; DC in the last st.

Row 3: CH 3, DC entire row.

Repeat Rows 2 – 3
Rows 2 – 3 = Pattern

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