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243 – DIY Tutorial How to Crochet a Summer Top

243 – DIY Tutorial How to Crochet a Summer Top

Today I will show you how to crochet a summer top. Easy to make.

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You will need:
Hook Size 3,5 mm
Tape measure
Stitch markers
Sewing needle
Cotton Yarn 400 g (8 balls of cotton yarn. Each ball contains 137 yds / 125 m)
I used 250 g of green colored yarn and 150 g of pink – colored yarn.

st – stitch
CH – chain stitch
SC – single crochet
DC – double crochet (yarn over the hook once)
Shell – 5 DC Shell with chain 3 space (DC 4 + CH 3 + DC in one chain)

Size: L

Make a combination of colors that you like.
I used 2 colors of yarn.
To begin, it’s necessary to make 104 chains (size L).
Different sizes:
size XS = 89 CH – 44 cm / 17,2 in
size S = 94 CH – 47 cm / 18,4 in
size M = 99 CH – 49 cm / 19,2 in
size L = 104 CH – 52 cm / 20,4 in
size XL = 114 CH – 57 cm / 22,4 in
size XXL = 124 CH – 63 cm / 25 in
Multiple of 5 + 4 for all sizes.

Size L:
First, I use a green-colored yarn
Make 104 chains. Multiple of 5 + 4
Row 1: skip 5 chains and make Shell in the next (sixth) chain; Shell = DC 4 + CH 3 + DC 1 in one chain; skip CH 4, Shell, *skip CH 4, Shell *repeat this process; when you make the last shell you will have 3 chains to the end of the row, skip 2 chains and make double crochet (DC) in the last chain. Turn your work.
Row 2: CH 3; make a Shell in the third chain; *make a Shell in the next third chain *repeat this process; after the last shell in this row, make DC in the fourth DC; Turn your work.
There are 20 Shells in every row.
Rows 3 – 6: Repeat Row 2

Row 7: Switch to a pink -colored yarn.
Rows 7 – 10: pink -colored yarn
Rows 11 – 16: green -colored yarn
Rows 17 – 20: pink -colored yarn
Rows 21 – 26: green -colored yarn
Rows 27 – 30: pink -colored yarn
Rows 31 – 36: green -colored yarn

Row 37: CH 5, SC, CH 2, DC, *CH 2, SC, CH 2, DC *repeat to the end row
Row 38: CH, SC in the first st, SC 2 in the chain two space, SC over SC, SC 2 in the chain two space, *skip DC, SC 2 in the chain two space, SC over SC, SC 2 in the chain two space *repeat this process; SC in the third chain

The front is now done. Make the second piece. Both pieces of the blouse are the same. FRONT = BACK

Shoulder straps

We’ll connect two pieces together at the shoulder with a shoulder straps.
Measure 10 cm from the beginning of row and put the first stitch marker. Measure 6 cm from the first stitch marker and put the second stitch marker. Space between two stitch markers will be one strap. Repeat this process on the other side.
Do the same on the back.
Row 1: chain and make SC to the second stitch marker. Total 10 SC. Turn your work.
Row 2: chain 3 and make DC to the end row. Total 10 DC.
Rows 3 – 9: repeat rows 1 – 2
It’s up to you to determine how many rows you want to make for the shoulder strap.
I made 9 rows.
Connect the shoulder strap with the back of the blouse. Use the sewing needle and yarn.
Sew the last seven loops of the front and back side.
Once you’ve completed the first shoulder strap, You’ll repeat the process for the other shoulder strap.
Measure 18 cm / 7 in from the top (on both sides) and put the stitch marker.
Connect the front and back pieces with sewing needle and yarn.

Edge of armhole: Make a two rows of single crochet stitches


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