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231 – DIY Tutorial Tunisian Knit Stitch

231 – DIY Tutorial Tunisian Knit Stitch

You can see Step by step instruction and video tutorial how to crochet a Tunisian Knit Stitch. These stitches look like knitting but there are done using a crochet hook. Easy to make.

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You will need:
You can use any yarn and hook you have or love.

st – Stitch
CH – Chain Stitch
sl. st. – Slip stitch

Start to chains. Make as many chains as you need.
Row 1: Insert your hook in a third chain, yarn over and pull through. You made one loop. Go to the next chain and do the same. You will continue doing this one stitch per chain until You reach the other side.
Then You will start going back. Yarn over and make one chain. Then You will start going through two loops. Working two loops together. Yarn over, two loops, yarn over, two loops and so on until You reach the other side. This is the first row of Tunisian knit stitch.
Row 2: Now You will created the vertical stitch.
Insert your hook through the tunnel and send it backwards to the back of the your work. Then, yarn over and pull through that tunnel. You made a loop.
Repeat this on every vertical stitch on every tunnel. When you reach the end of the other side, You will start going back. So you will end this second row.
Repeat Row 2

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