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218 – Crochet Puff Flowers

218 – Crochet Puff Flowers

This project is perfect for using up all the scraps of yarn you couldn’t bear to part with.
This flower decoration is the perfect to decorate your home, clothes, for various celebrations…

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st – Stitch
sl st – slip stitch
Rnd – Round/row
CH – Chain Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
Puff st – Puff Stitch represents a group 5 of incomplete stitches into the same stitch. When you finish crocheting the partial stitches you will then close the stitch by pulling the yarn through all of the loops that are remaining on the hook.

You will need:
You can use any yarn (all the scraps of yarn) and hook you have or love.
I used a cotton yarn (50 g = 137 yds / 125 m) and a hook size 2.5 mm

One flower
Width = 4 cm / 1.5 inches
Length = 4 cm / 1.5 inches

Start by making 4 chains.
Push your hook into the first chain and make slip stitch to join and form your circle.
Now, you can work into this circle.

Rnd 1: One chain and make 5 single crochet into a small centre. Connect with slip stitch to complete first rnd.
One chain and cut yarn.

Rnd 2: Push your hook through first SC of your flower centrepiece and lay your second color over hook and pull yarn through SC to make a loop.
First petal: 3 CH; Now we make Puff st. Wrap your yarn over the hook and push hook into the same chain space. Wrap your yarn over the hook again and pull yarn through CH1 to make a loop. Now you have 3 loops on your hook. Repeat the process 4 more times. Now you have 11 loops on your hook.
Wrap your yarn over the hook and draw back through 11 loops on hook. Catch yarn and wrap it over hook and pull yarn through the loop already on hook to make a new loop. Then make 3 CH. Push your hook through next stitch and make slip stitch to close first petal. Now your first petal is complete.
Repeat steps a further five times, moving around the center ring to make six petals.
Repeat this proces and make eight more flowers.
Thread your needle ready to join all the pieces together. You can use approximately 40 in (100cm) of whichever colour yarn you have left over to do this.
Sew through the top centre part of first patel, picking up at least 1 full strand of yarn. Next, sew through the centre circle piece and through the petal directly opposite your first petal (that is, petal one and petal four).
Repeat this proces until all your flowers are lined up.



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