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202 – DIY Crochet Summer blouse – two patterns

202 – DIY Crochet Summer blouse – two patterns

You can see Step by step instruction and video tutorial how to crochet a very cute summer blouse. I used 2 patterns.
You need to know how to crochet Chain Stitch, Single Crochet, Double Crochet, Shell stitch, SC2tog and SC2tog.

Be sure to check out my YouTube Tutorial Video.

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You will need:
Hook Size 2,5 mm
Sewing needle
Tape measure
Yarn 300 g
6 balls of orange cotton yarn.
Each ball contains 137 yds / 125 m

Size: L
Width = 55cm / 21.6″ Length = 61cm / 24″

st – Stitch
CH – Chain Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
Shell – 4 DC Shell with chain – 1space (2DC+1CH+2DC in one space)
DC2tog – 2 double crochet together
SC2tog – 2 single crochet together

Pattern 1
First, I’m going to do the front-center of the blouse.

The front-center of the blouse (front = back)
To begin, it’s necessary to make 52 chains (Multiple of 5 + 2)
Row 1: One chain (CH); skip CH; single crochet stitch (SC) in the next two chains; *3 CH, skip 3 CH, 2 SC *repeat entire row. Two SC are last two stitches. Turn your work.
Row 2: 3 CH, *make Shells in chains space *repeat entire row; Shell = 4DC Shell with chain-1 space (2 DC+1 CH+2 DC in one space); One double crochet stitch (DC) in the last stitch.
Row 3: CH, 2 SC, *3 CH, skip 3 stitches, 2 SC *repeat entire row;
Pattern 1 = Rows 2 – 3
Rows 4 – 57: Repeat pattern
Row 58: Like row 2 (Shell st)
Measures of this part: Width = 21cm / 8.2″ Length = 51cm / 20″

When we’re done with the front-cente then we’ll do the same for the back.
Then We will do one side of the blouse, and then the other side. Sides of front and back parts are done together. First We will connect the front and the back with 34 chains.
Make 34 chains.
First row of Side 1: Entire row we do single crochet (SC) stitches. Total number of stitches in Row 1 will be 266 (116+34+116). This number is divisible by 7, which is required by the Pattern 2. After the first row on the side of the blouse, we move on to Pattern 2.

Pattern 2
Ova mustra zahteva da broj petlji bude deljiv sa 7. This pattern requires that the number of stitches be divisible by 7.
To begin, it’s necessary 266 stitches (Multiple of 7)
Row 1: CH, SC in the next two stitches; 3 CH; skip 3 st; *4 SC, 3 CH, skip 3 st *repeat entire row; Two SC in the last two stitches. Turn your work.
Row 2: 3 CH (as first stitch); DC over SC; 3 DC in the chain space, *4 DC over 4 SC, 3 DC in the chain space *repeat entire row; 2 DC in the last two stitches. Total 266 stitches. Turn your work.
Row 3: As first row – CH; 2 SC; 3 CH; skip 3 st; *4 SC, 3 CH, skip 3 st *repeat entire row; 2 SC; Turn your work.
Row 4: 6 CH; skip 2 st; SC; 3 CH; skip 2 st *2 DC, 3 CH, skip 2 st, SC, 3 CH, skip 2 st *repeat entire row; DC in the last stitch; Turn your work.
Row 5: CH; SC over DC; SC in the first chain; 3 CH; skip 5 st; *4 SC, 3 CH, skip 5 st *repeat entire row; 2 SC; Turn your work.
Rows 6 – 9: Repeat Rows 2 – 5

Rows 10-23: We’ll reduce number of stitches.

We keep repeating the pattern. But We’ll reduce number of stitches in the next 14 rows. One stitch in every row.

Row 10: Like Row 2
3 CH (as first stitch), 125 DC; I made 126 stitches. Put the stitch marker in the stitch 126. Then make DC 6, DC2tog , 6 DC. Now make one DC (put the second stitch marker in this stitch). We have 14 loops between two stitch markers. We removed one stitch in the middle.
Make 125 DC to the end row.
Turn your work.
Row 11: Do like Row 3 to the first stitch marker. Move the first st marker from the previous row in the loop above. 
Then, make SC stitches to the second stitch marker. First, make 5 SC, then SC2tog and make 6 SC to the second stitch marker.
Then, do like Row 3 to the end row. Move the second st marker from the previous row in the loop above.

Rows 12 – 23:
Continue to repeat pattern to the first st marker and after second st marker. 
You do SC or DC stitches between two st markers. 
Move markers from one row to the next. 
Always place them in the loop above. 
Reduce number of stitches in every row in the center. 
Measures of this part: Width = 17cm / 6.6″

Repeat the steps for the other side of the blouse.

Fold your work in half matching the top to the bottom. Measure 18 cm / 7 inches from the top of the shoulders and place a stitch marker through both parts of the blouse. That will mark an opening for the sleeve. Connect the front and the back of the blouse with a needle and yarn that you used for the blouse.







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  • Красивая блуза. Спасибо за подробный мастер класс.

  • Moshanthi Suzuki

    Can you please tell me how to adjust stitches for a Medium size blouse.

    Also please tell me 300g yarn is for entire blouse?

    I love your work, easy to learn and thank you for teaching.


  • This pattern is lovely. I really appreciate the charts and diagrams. Between the written pattern and the video it’s one of the best pattern tutorials I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much. Linda

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