245 – How to Crochet an Easy Shell Stitch

245 – How to Crochet an Easy Shell Stitch

Today I will show you how to crochet a Shell lace pattern. This pattern You can use for a blouse, vest, scarf, sweater and many other things. Easy to make.

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You will need:
You can use any yarn and hook you have or love.

st – stitch
CH – chain stitch
SC – single crochet
DC – double crochet (yarn over the hook once)
Shell – 6 DC Shell with chain space (DC 3 + CH + DC 3 in one stitch)

Chain multiple of 7 + 3 chains

Row 1: skip chain, SC in the next two chains, *skip CH 2, Shell, skip CH 2, SC 2 *repeat to the end row
Shell = DC 3 + CH + DC 3 in one stitch

Row 2: CH 3 (this is the first stitch); DC in the second st; *CH 2, SC in the chain space (in the middle of the shell), CH 2, DC 2 over SC 2 *repeat to the end row

Row 3: CH, SC in the next 2 st (SC 2 over DC 2), *Shell in the next SC (skip 2 chains), SC 2 over DC 2 *repeat to the end row

Pattern = Rows 2 – 3
Repeat Pattern

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