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130 – Crochet Mobius Scarf

130 – How to Crochet a Mobius Scarf

This mobius scarf is a great introduction to the concept of mobius crocheting. It doesn’t use any difficult skills to make the inside-out shape. In fact, you might have accidentally made a mobius in this way before not knowing that it was actually a design feature!
You need to know how to crochet Slip Stitch (ss), Chain Stitch (ch), Single Crochet (sc), Double Crochet (dc), 3dcShell (3 dc in one stitch).

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You will need:

Hook Size 5-6 mm
Used yarn 250 g
5 balls of orange Yarn. Each ball contains 50 g, 142 yds/ 130 m
1 m = 1,0936 jardi (yds)

Width:    40cm /16″   Length:  116cm /46″

ss – Slip Stitch
ch – Chain Stitch
sc – Single Crochet
dc – Double Crochet
3dcShell – 3 dc in one stitch

Start 130 chains
Rnd 1:   3 ch; 2dc shell; skip 2ch; 3dc shell; *skip 2ch, 3dc shell* repeat entire Rnd 
Total 132 dc (44 x 3dcShell)
Rnd 2:   3 ch; 3dcShell; 3dcShell; *3dcShell* repeat entire Rnd
Total 264 dc (88 x 3dcShell)
Rnd 3 – 14: Repeat Rnd 2
Last Rnd
3 ch; 1dc; skip 1 stitch; 1sc; skip 1 stitch; 3dcShell; *skip 1 stitch; 1sc; skip 1 stitch; 3dcShell* repeat entire Rnd

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