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119 – Knitted Beanie Brioche Stitch

119 – Knitted Beanie Brioche Stitch

This is very soft and warm beanie. You need to know how to Knit the Basic Stitches for Knitting (knit stitch; purl stitch), Slipped Stitch (SSt) and Yarn over (Yo).

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You will need:

Needles number 4
Yarn: used 60 g
Ball contains 100 gr – 3.52.Oz.; 320 m – 350 yds
children’s hat
16cm   (6 ’’)
Start 80 stitches
Rows 1-8:
1 x1 rib is formed by alternating 1 knit stitch and 1 purl stitch
Brioche Stitch
The pattern is the same inside and out. Working the Slipped Stitch (SSt) and Yarn over (Yo) is called “brioche stitch“.
The Yo/SSt are worked in one movement. You carry the yarn over the needle as you are slipping the stitch. 
The Yo/SS are counted as one stitch, not a separate yarn over and a slipped stitch. 
When working the slipped stitch and Yo together, you are making the brioche knit stitch.
This pattern is expressed as two rows.
First row we make at the beginning of the pattern. Second row we must repeat.
Row 1: *Yarn over, SSt, knit 1* repeat entire row
Row 2: *Yarn over, SSt, knit 2 together* repeat entire row
Repeat Row 2

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